Our offer:
  • Interferometer measurement systems for fiber optics connectors produced by DORC
  • Polishing machines  for fiber optics connectors 
  • Abrasive materials  for polishing of do fiber optics connectors  /films, slurry, pads/ 
  • Polishing jigs for polishers compatible to OFL-12, OFL-15 /jig/ and discs for hand polishing. 
  • Silicon and rubber pads diameter 110mm, 55-95 Duro 
  • Tools and accessories for installers: fiber identifiers, protection splice sleeves, certified measurement patchcords  ect
Passive components for fiber optics networks
  • Connectors & adapters
  • Attenuators, filters, circulators, CWDM, WDM, 
  • PLC splitters 
  • splice protection sleeves
Active components for fiber optics networks
  •  Fiber optic converters
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